Cultural tourism: the Spanish case

Juan José Prieto Gutiérrez


During the past five years, the entry to Spain of foreign tourists has grown year on year, reaching over 2014 historical figures, about 65 million foreign visitors have arrived to the country attracted by different reasons.

Spain´s election, by most visitors, due to the traditional destination of the famous sun and beaches but others factors or motivations generate millions of visitors every year such as language learning, cultural heritage, rural and nature tourism, or camping, sports, business, congress, health, religious tourism, etc.

Almost all of the identified tourism products have grown in recent years, but there is one, which encompasses the Spanish cultural heritage in the last four years has gone from 9.3 million people in 2011 to receive 7.1 during 2014, according to the Tourist Expenditure Survey (Egatur), producing a significant drop.

To preserve the cultural heritage tourist, the paper will analyze the reasons which lead the cultural tourists, the Spanish drop and ideas will be proposed not to recover lost figures, but also will achieved records like the rest of the motivations of people who enter in Spain.


cultural tourism; cultural heritage; world heritage; UNESCO

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