The study of the business offer of active tourist destinations in Spain: a critical analysis and research proposals

Francisco Molina Navarro, Manuel Rivera Mateos, María Genoveva Millán Vázquez de la Torre


The relative youth of the business offer of sports and nature-based tourism (active tourism) in the different Spanish tourist destinations, as well as its complex and varied range of modalities, has made us have very few specific business studies applied to this tourist subsector. Moreover, this has influenced that most of them do not even have a well-structured framework of scientific analysis, a working method and a depth of content.

This paper describes the state of the art on this issue and the contributions of the works appeared to date in Spain, we conclude with a critical assessment of them. Finally, we try to establish some research proposals that allow a better approach to the subject, we propose some solutions to the problems of the whole business fabric, we help plan and define policies and decisions that benefit this subsector by establishing a reference and management framework, and we emulate models of business management with the appropiate feasibility analysis, based on the territorial context and conditioning factors, both external and internal, and which identifiable for each destination. 


active tourism, sports and nature-based tourism, studies of business offer, research methodology, Spain

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