Sport tourism as a driver for cultural and territorial identity: reflections on the methodological aspects of a research in progress

Sheila Sánchez Bergara, María del Pilar Leal Londoño, F. Xavier Medina, José Mansilla, Raúl Travé, Claudio Milano, Elsa Soro


Sports linked to Tourism represents according to the World Tourism Organisation (2013), the fastest growing sector in global tourism as several National Tourist Offices (NTOs) are working towards promoting their destinations for Sport. It generates €450billion to the global tourism industry annually. From a sociocultural point of view sport tourism allows individuals to celebrate identities they share with others who also have an interest in a particular sport or event (Green, 2001). The main purpose of this paper is to present the application of the Delphi method as a technic for the analysis of sport tourism as a manifestation of cultural and territorial identity. To achieve it, the information is based on a double process. On a first phase, we conducted an approach to the sector through a deep review of updated academic papers, sectorial and institutional reports. After that, we elaborated a first draft where we stated the last detected tendencies and novelties on Sport Tourism. This draft was used to applicate a Delphi Method to sport tourism experts around the world. We choose this technique because despite there is an important scientific production on sport tourism at world level, there is a need for deep discussion on issues relative to the opportunities and the future of this phenomena as a driver for tourism and culture. 


Sports, Tourism, Culture, Territory, Methodology

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