Cultural identity and gastronomic tourism: the commercialization of heritage

Dunia Alonso Sobrado


This work is part of a wider investigation whose result is shown in a doctoral thesis called Analysis of the construction of the cultural identity of Seville through gastronomic tourism: analysis from a gender perspective. In particular, the work presented at this congress aims to explain the links at a theoretical level between cultural identity and gastronomic tourism, as well as to point out the epistemological consequences derived from them. For this, we have made a literature and documentary review about the concepts of cultural identity, globalization, glocalization and tourism from various disciplines of Social Sciences, mainly from Sociology. Especially, we have stopped at the analytical concept of cultural identity because of the diversity of opinions and meanings that it generates. The results show the close relationship between the context in which the local culture is produced and the tourist activity, knowing the possibilities offered by tourism to reactivate the local culture, transform it or even make it disappear. In short, showing that tourism gives cultural heritage new meanings through its value in tourism, becoming a commodity of global economic activity.


cultural identity, tourism, gastronomic tourism, tourist cultural identity, globalization

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