Tourism promotion of roman heritage sites. The joint promotion as a marketing tool: from Via Bética Romana to the German Limes and Hadrian‟s Wall

Jesús Centenera


The last decades have seen an emergence in the promotion, mainly by public authorities, of Roman Heritage sites in Europe and the other Mediterranean countries to attract cultural Tourism there. Most of them have been done independently, by local or regional administrations. Sometimes, it has even been done under an ―umbrela Brand‖, butwithout much coordination. The objective of this research, under a Marketing perspective, focuses on the analysis of the different degrees of cooperation and of the joint-promotion as a better way of improving the attraction of cultural Tourism to the Roman Heritage sites. With this objective in mind, after some definitions, we have performed three different activities: First of all, we have reviewed how these promotions are done in different places, from Algeria and Tunis, to Turkey and the Balkans, from France to Ruta Bética romana in Spain,and from the German Limes to Hadrian‘s Wall; We have then looked for examples of Joint- promotion to attract cultural Tourism, even from different periods or cultural environments; Finally, documents have been reviewed and several promotional bodies and institutions have been contacted by us, to gather data about Joint-promotion, its tools and its efffects. As a summary, we may indicate that the majority of the promotions follows a pattern of individualpromotion, sometimes under a generic ―umbrela Brand‖, reflected mainly in a denominationand/or in common publications, but without any real in-depth cooperation. But also, that whenever a Joint-promotion has been done, the results are really positive for all places involved.


Cultural Tourism, Roman, Heritage, Marketing, Joint promotion

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