The thermal waters like natural heritage and cutural. Tourist potential in Bahia Blanca (Argentine)

Daniela Gambarota, Viviana Leonardi, Silvina Elías


During the last decade, there has been increased the valuation of products linked to the alternative tourism on the part of the travelers, which demand new characteristics and services in the destinations. The tourism health, and more precisely the termalismo, they have received relevancy inside the mentioned segment. It is hereby, that the thermal waters are assumed as natural and cultural heritage as source of identification and symbolic reference of a territory.

The locality of Bahía Blanca possesses the natural thermal resource that, valued as tourist attraction, can give place to specificpracticeslinked to theleisure and therecreation and thecare of thehealth. The putting in value of the thermal heritage, can be generated from the development of a thermal center and of tourist - recreative practices related to this subject matter. Thus, it will be able to achieve that Bahía Blanca is recognized as destination, finding in the tourism a new productive activity, making possible a major diffusion of the historical heritage and of the local culture. For the exposed thing, the aim of the present work consists of the analysis of the termalismo as natural and cultural heritage as well as his tourist potential.

Methodologically, a bibliographical review will be realized on the principal involved concepts and they will be applied to the study of case.


Thermal Waters - Natural and Cultural Heritage - Tourist Potential – Bahía Blanca

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