Analysis of the offer and promotions in the hotel sector: the case of Tabasco in Mexico

Erick Darío López Montes de Oca, Andrés Guzmán-Sala, Andrés Guzmán-Sala


This paper aims to analyze the offer and promotions used in the hotel sector of Tabasco in Mexico. Although the hotel offer is good in Tabasco, promotions as powerful marketing tools are necessary to influence the decision of the tourist. In this destination, the hotel sector is modern in infrastructure and vast in establishments; unfortunately, the frequency of tourists is relatively low. We analyzed a sample of 59 managers from a total population of 429, with a confidence level of 0.90 and a margin of error of 0.10. A questionnaire composed of multiple choice questions was applied. The results show that 8 types of rooms are offered, only 35% of hotels offer 3 types and 1% offers 8 types. There are two periods of strong promotion: 31% of hotels make promotions in April and 40% in December. In the annual promotions: 54% of hotels do not make promotions and 14% make promotions twice a year. The most used promotions are: 57% group discounts, and 13% discounts with credit cards. In conclusion, managers of the hotel industry have a lot of work to do especially in the implementation of annual promotions and types of promotions. The current promotions are not sufficient and must be intensified to achieve a growth in the frequentation of tourists.


Tourism, promotion, offer, hotel sector, Tabasco

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