Current sitation of cultural tourism in Galicia. New realities and future perspectives

Olga Martínez Moure, Raquel García Revilla, Daniel Moreno Muñoz


Galicia has a cultural heritage of the first order, attested by its landscape, natural and heritage wealth. As can be seen from the statistics and specialized publications, the number of visitors to Galicia increases year after year, placing this Autonomous Community as a benchmark for cultural tourism in Spain and Europe.

In order to analyze the Galician tourist reality in all its depth it is necessary to take into account the recent forest fires that devastated Galician and Northwest Peninsular soil recently, seriously damaging the patrimony of this land.

Under this new reality and starting point, this work provides a current vision of Galician cultural tourism, analyzing possible future perspectives.


Galicia, visitors, heritage, forest fires, cultural tourism.

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