Sustainability and entrepreneurship in the field of tourism and heritage

Nora E. Nievas, Alicia N. Iglesias


The National University of Luján of Argentina accredits an educational offer of innovative postgraduate level in tourism and heritage, which is linked with a unique "entrepreneurial culture" based on the integral development and promotion of growth and the creation of tourism-based companies and cultural, at national level and with regional emphasis, in its area of influence. This educational policy emphasizes, in this regard, the identification of business opportunities based on quality and innovation.

The Specialization course in Heritage Management and Sustainable Tourism applies such ideas through a "transversal" approach to training in tourism and management of heritage resources, from a long-term results horizon that rests on: on the one hand, an entrepreneurial vision , based on innovation and scientific-technological development, taking into account: the socio-economic and cultural context at different spatial and temporal scales, the development of capacities and skills, using methodologies oriented to self-knowledge and appropriation of the process of learning, and action as the axis of learning (formative strategies that combine the theoretical level with the practice); on the other, the sustainable course of tourism: through three strong ideas: sustainability of the environmental system, patrimonial approach to natural and cultural resources, and scientific knowledge generated in an interdisciplinary way.


Heritage, sustainable tourism, postgraduate, entrepreneurship.

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