The endemic argan tree as a tool for territorial marketing for tourism development in Souss Massa

Mohamed Sguenfle, Assia Sadki


Territorial marketing plays a key role in maintaining and boosting the attractiveness and competitiveness of a city, a region or a country. So, it is of vital importance to spot and identify the different assets and resources that make up the specificity of any place. The aim is to invest them in an efficient and effective territorial marketing which will in its turn result in tourism development. The present paper aims a studying the Argan tree, a UNESCO World Heritage, as an asset for tourism promotion in Souss Massa. Stakeholders should take advantage of the different stages that the Argan oil production goes through so as to convert them into various and distinctive tourism products. Such strategies are more likely to make the region appealing and attractive; and therefore more competitive. We combined the state- of-the-art with field observation to study and explore the uniqueness of the biotope, its importance in the eco-tourism and rural tourism and to demonstrate how Argan oil, the endemic terroir product, is important in the promotion of gastronomic, pleasure and cultural tourism in the Souss Massa region.


territorial marketing, terroir product, rural tourism, Argan oil, ecotourism, tourism development, gastronomic tourism

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