Marketing in nautical tourism: The Recreational Charter in Ibiza

Eva María Torres Juan, Marcela Álvarez Zamora, Victoria Eugenia Moreno Mendoza, Beatriz Cardona Barvié, José Ramón Cardona


In recent years, nautical tourism is having a great development in Spain. It is a sector aimed at people with medium to high incomes who seek to enjoy navigation and various nautical activities. In Ibiza the nautical charter (boat rental) is acquiring an important role as a complement to the sun and beach tourism. However, in order to promote the correct development of this sector, it is necessary to analyze several aspects. This work is an approximation to the marketing actions applied by the nautical charter companies of Ibiza and Baleares. To this end, a bibliography on this type of offer has been consulted and several interviews with professionals of the sector have been carried out. It is a sector with companies still small and that suffer a strong seasonality that is only palliated, in some cases, by the transfer of part of the fleet to other destinations during the winter months. There is also a lack of cooperation between companies in the sector. Fiscal pressure and bureaucracy do not facilitate the competitiveness of the supply of the Balearic Islands with other destinations in the Mediterranean. Finally, it is necessary to indicate that the cost and shortage of moorings is the main limiting element of the sector.


nautical tourism, charter, marketing, Ibiza

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