Fishing and tourism in a coastal community, from de use of heritage of the biosphere reserve Sian Ka´an, Quintana Roo

Julisa Gpe. Cabrera Borraz, Lucinda Arroyo Arcos, Alejandro Imbach


The Biosphere Reserve it’s a kind of categorization of protected area, in Mexico these areas have become an important tool for conservation of ecosystems with biologic and cultural relevance, also for the local development promotion. The coastal zones are characterized by the interaction of terrestrial and marine environment. The Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka´an is located in the coastline of Quintana Roo, Mexico, in there Punta Allen is situated which is a community of fishermen whose currently combine their original work with touristic activities in order to get better incomes. The present study arose with the aim to reveal which is the use of the heritage of the Biosphere Reserve and which has been the influence in the community. 30 semi-ordered interviews has been applied using the snowball method in the summer of 2017, the theoretical model used was the Frame of the Community Capital, also is important to say that this article is taking the first approaches of a thesis research of postgraduate. The results of paper shows than RBSK´s natural heritage has been taken advantage through sustainable practice of lobster fishing and the development of low impact of tourism activities. It also recognizes the permeability of economics benefits and positive cultural impacts to the population. 


Biosphere Reserve, natural heritage, coastal zone

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