The impact of an ultra trail proof: the case of “Oh Meu Deus” in the Serra da Estrela

Costa Adriano, José Alexandre Martins


Oh Meu Deus (OMD - Oh My God) - Ultra Trail Serra da Estrela – was created in 2011 and is the largest Trail in Portugal and one of the largest in the World, and due to its nature and size, strongly marks the territory of Serra da Estrela.

In the 2016 edition there were some initiatives that sought to place this event as a reference to the Ultra Trails level, but also as a way of promoting and publicizing a destination of nature, adventure, sport and all its endogenous products.

In addition to the socio-economic characterization of the participants in the event, this exploratory work seeks to identify its impacts in the municipality of Seia, particularly at economic level, through the impact on hotels, catering, commerce and other services.

The sample was obtained by accidental non-random sampling. The survey period was from June 23 to September 26, 2016, and 142 valid surveys were collected. The main result is the economic impact on the total volume of business that, in a direct, indirect and induced manner, reached an estimated value of 600.000,00 €.

In addition, the OMD may play an important role in relevant areas to local development: the internationalization of the economy and territory with the development of new tourism products associated with Nature Tourism and Adventure and Sport Tourism, culture valorization, as well as stimulating the emergence of new business opportunities.


Economic Development, Nature Tourism, Adventure and Sports Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Ultra Trail

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