Accessible tourism for the seaside. Case General Villamil, Ecuador

Jael Gudiño Ruiz, Alba Caicedo Barreth, Roberto Lara


In Ecuador, Atacames has been the first beach to encourage accessible tourism through the infrastructure implementation. General Villamil Playas is a relevant seaside, located 97 kilometers from Guayaquil city, has a warm and pleasant weather and a large expanse of beach, but at the same time lacks tourist infrastructure for people with limited mobility; therefore, it was the purpose of this study to analyze the accessibility for tourism of this group of people in this area. This research is reinforced by theories and studies raised by several authors, with a mixed approach, using quantitative and qualitative data. Empirical and theoretical methods were applied, operating techniques and tools that helped gather information through interviews, observation files, and surveys. For, the sample, the tourists were considered in a range of 15 to 65 years old, applying the formula for finite population, where 379 people were surveyed, who support the need to introduce facilities for people with limited mobility, giving openness to the design of an accessibility system on the beach boardwalk and also toward the beach. The improvement of accessibility can allow relatives enjoy together because an inclusive infrastructure supports the whole family to visit tourist sites, and also it contributes to developing new tourism products in the community for national and international tourists. To conclude, this research seeks the relationship between the level of accessibility of beaches, the training of service providers and the increase in customer visits, which could be useful for practical applications in other areas.


Accessible tourism, beach, seaside, limited mobility

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