Tourist routes at tafilalet oasis and the prospects of territorial development

Zakaria Hmidani, Mohamed Sguenfle


Today, tourism is a factor of economic growth. It has become one of the most developed sectors in the world, including planning, construction, promotion and marketing. As a source of currency, it is a catalyst for economic development and the development of basic services.
Tafilalet is one of Morocco's oasis tourist area. It has a rich and diverse heritage that makes it a destination for tourists and visitors from the world. The tourism routes project, which can contribute to the development of a pioneering development, will qualify these oasis region to be competitive and consolidate integration with other national areas.
In this article, we will attempt to identify the importance of tourism routes in Tafilalet and how to contribute to the territorial development


Tafilalet oasis, palaces and bays, heritage, tourist trails, territorial development

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