Theoretical analysis of the models of competitiveness of tourist destinations. An approach to the competitiveness of mexican tourist destinations

Fabiola Itzel Ortiz Martínez, Víctor Hugo Robles Francia, Andrés Guzmán Sala


The competitiveness of tourist destinations is a key element in which tourist destinations can be compared with each other, taking into account the main features that characterize them and that are reflected through tourist offers that add value to their visitors. The models of competitiveness of tourist destinations provide the dimensions and theoretical indicators to allow the evaluation of their competitiveness according to the tourism development model of each country and the dynamics of the global industry. The objective of this paper is to carry out a review of the theoretical models of competitiveness of tourist destinations at international and national level, to identify the factors influencing the competitiveness of Mexican tourist destinations. The methodology used was exploratory study, through the search and review of papers in databases such as Scopus, Elsevier, Ebsco, Emerald, Springer, Radalyc and OpenDoar. As a conclusion it is considered necessary to design a theoretical model of ad hoc competitiveness to Mexican tourist destinations.  


Competitiveness, models, Mexican tourism destinations

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