Analysis of the business fabric in the Magical Towns in Puebla as a contributions of mexican tourism

Alfredo Pérez Paredes, José Aurelio Cruz de los Ángeles, Amado Torralba Flores


The Magical Towns in Mexico reflect the great importance that is given to tourism, they are trigger economic development that contribute to local and regional growth, generating more jobs, thus enables a very important economic income and generating alternatives so that national and foreign tourists visit these places in the mexican geography that have known how to take care for and promote their cultural and historical richness that characterizes them. It is important to analyze what is the behavior and trends of the business fabric that exist in these municipalities called Magica Towns in the state of Puebla and where you should take care the issue of preserving cultural and historical aspects but also generating the necessary conditions to contribute to improving the standard of living of its inhabitants.
Therefore, the current investigation seeks to identify how the business structure of the Magical Towns in Puebla is currently shaped and if it really contributes to the requirements demanded by visitors in those municipalities and thus meet the expectations of different tourists.


Magical Towns, Enterprises, Puebla, Tourism


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