The digital systems and the tourism in the cultural coffee landscape, department of the Quindío, Colombia

José Nicolás Pupiales Rosero


The technologies and the digital systems are a fundamental part in the occupation of the company. The new technologies have forced to diverse sectors to update his functioning and to adapting to the changes. Such it is the case of the practices of tourism inside the Cultural Coffee Landscape in the Quindío, which as economic sector will have to renew his traditional scheme in favor of the tourist demand to offer better services. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know what type of digital systems they adapt to the context of the tourism in the Cultural Coffee Landscape. Therefore, the aim of the present study is to identify and to compile information about feasibility in implementing the technologies of digital systems to the tourist sector in the Cultural Coffee landscape, provided that it is considered to be the principal generator of economic income for the companies in the traditional municipalities of the Quindío. To elaborate this study, it is needed to know the digital systems implemented in other tourist cultural places, which allow to be applied to the traditional municipalities of the Quindío. The study identifies the most relevant factors in the moment to apply the digital systems to the cultural tourism in the Cultural Coffee Landscape besides the recognition and the importance of the TIC in Colombia in the economic development of the tourist sector. In practical terms, the present study contributes so much the persons who are employed at the area of the engineering at digital systems as the managerial sector from the recognition and importance of the digital systems at the tourism.


Digital systems, cultural tourism, Cultural Coffee Landscape, economy, TIC

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