A religious tourism in Melilla: The Route of the temples

Fernando Saruel Hernández


This article aims to show how the coexistence between different cultures in the city of Melilla, makes all citizens can enjoy the same. This is why it is a good reason to project it as a fundamental element for the development of an innovative tourism program in the city, although some contributions are being made for the same, however, we believe that much more can be disseminated. Among these contributions stands out the "Route of the Temples", a tourist activity directed to the knowledge of the four religions that more devotes has the city. That is why the Tourist Board of the Autonomous City of Melilla has organized this activity since 2008. It is a tour of four of the most identifiable temples of the religions that there are: Church, Mosque, Hindu Temple and Synagogue.


Temples, religious tourism, Melilla.

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